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I'm Tatyanna.

I excel at providing all aspects of Software Quality Assurance.

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In 2018 I took a leap of faith and officially immersed myself into the tech world. I attended countless startup and coding meetups, I networked with so many amazing people and I even got to experience Startup Bus in 2018 where I was the only developer on my team and had to build up a golf pairing application. After completing a full-time, in-person full-stack React/Ruby developer program with Suncoast Developer's Guild in 2019, my SQA journey began shortly afterwards.

I was brought on by Sourcetoad to spearhead their SQA initiative and discovered a genuine passion for software quality assurance. I excelled at rapidly adapting to various projects, uncovering meaningful bugs and defects along the way. The dynamic and analytical nature of SQA captivated me, knowing that my efforts contributed to creating frustration-free software for a positive user experience. With a foundation in full-stack web development, I've been able to quickly pick up, Jest, and Selenium, which has continued to further my love for what I do.

Outside the professional realm, I indulge my continuing curiosity by working on iOS apps, and exploring diverse topics from SDLC models to UI design. I also play the video game Project Zomboid.

If you're seeking someone who combines a background in development with a passion for SQA, I would be a great addition to your team or company. I thrive in collaborative environments with a culture of great communication, supportive management and a commitment to continued growth. Feel free to reach out to me!

Tatyanna Cobb

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

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2024 - Present

Software QA Engineer

Designing and executing test cases for the consumer-facing application to identify functionality and user interface issues.

2021 - 2024

Software QA Engineer and Technical Writer

Created and maintaned automated tests for quarterly regression testing, Jira items for sprints, and a new support site in Confluence for all three portals.

2019 - 2020

Contract Software Quality Assurance Analyst

Collaborated with the SQA Analyst team to handle high volume catalog testing for a b2b company that supplied doors.


Contract Quality Specialist

SQA for multiple teams, working with the Project Manager/Business Analyst to SQA major projects. During this time I wrote test scripts in Confluence, executed those tests and reported findings in a report to the PM/BA.


Scrum Master Training Course

Continued learning initiative in my free time.

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